Toddler Room

We recognize just how exciting it is when our children start to reach and master new milestones. We feel it is essential for children to be in an environment that stimulates and supports their new developing abilities.  

Individualized Growth

To ensure personal attention, our large toddler room is an environment created to match the developing abilities and interests of older infants. This room is ideal for older infants to explore their world with appropriately challenging materials, safe equipment for pulling up and learning to walk, along with cleared floor space designated for free and active movement.

The love of books and stories will be fostered by classroom teachers. Music, musical instruments, sensory activities and cognitive skill activities will be planned and developed to ensure each child achieves success but never feels stressed.

All children will be under constant observation of a highly qualified teacher. Our teachers provide consistent and prompt responses to each child’s needs; individualized feedings and sleeping opportunities, emotional support, safe lap, diaper changing, cuddling, giggling, physical affection, holding, nurturing, praising, reading, cooing, encouraging, admiring, and always offering that reassuring smile….We are committed to serving your child.


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