Preschool & Jr. K Programs

Threes, Fours & Pre-K

Our preschool uses a thematic based curriculum which bridges learning with social, emotional, language, physical and cognitive development. Our curriculum beautifully incorporates phonics, early literacy development, manual dexterity, mathematics, Science, Spanish, Music, Arts, healthy mind and body along with character and self-esteem building. Our strong academic foundation is designed to nurture the love of learning but never stress a child.

Each classroom has a daily schedule that is consistent and structured but also allows for much needed flexibility. Each classroom is arranged with clearly defined learning centers to help facilitate learning through interacting with others. The daily schedule provides a balance of group activity, child facilitated and teacher guided activity as well as quiet personal time. Each classroom provides a cozy reading corner for group or individual reading and book discovery to help foster the love of reading.

Individual Attention

Our small classroom ratios allow for tailor-made activities to meet the individualized needs of each child. Every child is under close observation so teachers can identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. The Hiawatha Day School is committed to partnering with parents to explore creative and successful ways to strengthen problem areas a child may experience. With everyone on board, every child will succeed.

Our cumulative preschool program ensures each child is well prepared for kindergarten. Most of our pre-kindergarteners are reading at a first grade reading level upon entering kindergarten. Our pre-kindergarteners will perform several musicals, skits and speaking programs throughout the school year. We use these special events to help children build self confidence and self esteem. These events also showcase what the children are learning and help keep the family unit involved.  Please see our thematic school calendar to see all the wonderful programs planned.

Our Preschool Program Highlights include but are not limited to:

  1. Build and maintain positive, open relationships with families and children
  2. Provide consistent and prompt responses to each child’s needs.
  3. Prepare and maintain a safe, clean, healthy and stimulating  environment
  4. Establish predictable, consistent routines…yet flexible
  5. Nurture social-emotional growth, socialization and identity
  6. Foster cognitive development
  7. Personalize routine
    • one on one time with each child
  8. Promote physical development
  9. Promote language and communication development and learning
  10. Guide, love and protect each child.

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