Healthy Mind & Body


We believe learning and behavior are closely linked to the nutrition a child receives. The Hiawatha Day School is committed to only serving freshly prepared, healthy meals. Our school uses only top quality USDA meats and poultry. We choose whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies and eliminate processed and prepackaged foods. You will not find us serving the typical fish sticks and chicken nuggets.

Healthy Mind and Body

Our small exclusive program encourages close relationships between each family we serve, staff and owners. Each staff is personally interested in every child we serve. We strive to be an extension of home and family.

There is a warmth in our school which embraces each child. Each staff takes time to learn about each child and their family so we can bridge home life with school life. We want to be sure all of our children have a strong sense of self and a healthy confidence to carry with them for a lifetime.

Along with emotionally caring for our students, we have taken great efforts to ensure we provide the necessities for a healthy body. In addition to serving only fresh and healthy foods we have designed a 1100 square-foot indoor play gym area. This space is used for dance, music, art and imagination play, movement and exercise class, as well as an area for large motor play during winter months or rainy days. We want our children to keep moving, stay strong and be healthy.

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