Hiawatha Day School is pleased to offer a full-day, all-encompassing kindergarten program. In 2008, we expanded our private school facility by nearly 4000 square feet to include our new Kindergarten facilities, including a 1600 square-foot indoor play area.

Kindergarten is the most influential year of a child’s schooling. His or her experience sets the tone for the next twelve years in school.

Our private kindergarten is an exclusive program led by Ms. Abbie Johnson and Mrs. Ashley Bass, licensed teachers with degrees in early childhood and elementary education.

Benefits of HDS Kindergarten

Our program is unique and offers many benefits. It is a great option for children who are fully ready for kindergarten, children whose birth dates fall just short of the public school cutoff date or for children who are age qualified to attend kindergarten but would benefit of one more year of preparation in a comfortable setting before the leap to public school.

Knowing that private school is a financial investment for families, we have shaped our program with parents’ top concerns about kindergarten in mind.

What sets our program apart?

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