COVID19 Closure


For the safety of our community, I’ve decided to temporarily close the school for four weeks effective at the end of the day Friday. After evaluating the situation in Linn county and speaking with many healthcare providers, I believe it’s the best thing to do for our staff and their families, your own families, and the larger community.

While Iowa DHS is suggesting we stay open, their demands and misguided policies are only putting our staff at higher risk. I can’t continue to ask our Day School family to sacrifice their own health and safety when we don’t have the resources required to mitigate those risks.

To be clear, there has been no known or suspected exposure at our schools. This is simply precautionary.

What does this mean for the families we serve?

  1. Effective with the closure dates there will be no fee for services. For those on weekly ACH, no charges will be processed while we are closed. For those on monthly ACH, you’ll find your typical monthly rate has been prorated to only the 3 days of the month we’re open.
  2. Many of you have already been keeping kids at home; thank you. For those parents considered essential workforce, we are extremely appreciative of the work you do and wish we didn’t have to make this choice. If you need to find alternate care, Iowa DHS has a website where you can find additional info:
  3. We tentatively plan to reopen May 4. All tuition payments will resume as planned unless otherwise arranged in advance. For those that have submitted notice of withdrawal prior to this news, we hope you re-enroll when it makes sense for your personal situation.

What does this mean for our employees?

  1. Our main goal as a business is to keep our full-time staff earning their normal income and receiving the healthcare coverage without disruption.  We’re doing everything possible right now to make that happen until our amazing staff can safely snuggle your kids again.
  2. Just as if they were coming to work, we ask that every precaution is taken to stop the spread of the virus. This is not a time for vacation or visiting loved ones.

What if I have more questions?

We know this decision won’t be popular with everyone. There’s no easy answer, we’re all sacrificing in our own way right now. For financial questions, direct your emails to Other questions can go to We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

What can I do to help?

Support our local area businesses! While we may be closed, all small businesses are really hurting right now. If you can safely do so, support those people like us who have devoted their lives and finances to become an entrepreneur and may not know what tomorrow holds for their livelihood.

Send some positivity – Did you know we only have 3 total reviews on Google, and only one from someone who was an enrolled family?  13 years providing care to hundreds of families and only one has left a positive review? Crazy right?!?!?

We need your help now more than ever, both for our reputation moving forward and just some positive feel-good vibes in this stressful time. Take 5 minutes, name-drop your favorite teacher, share a heart-warming story! Or even just click on 5-stars without saying a word. Go to our Google page and leave a positive review right now.

If you don’t think we’re deserving of a positive star rating or review, I’d rather know privately than seeing it published to the world in this time. Feel free to reach out…