Christa Fielder

Christa Fielder is owner and hands-on director of The Hiawatha Day School. Christa graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Education. Upon graduating, she set out west where she took her first teaching job at a private school in Scottsdale, Az. After a year of teaching various age groups, two year olds through kindergarten, Christa quickly realized her passion was in early childhood and settled in as the full-day kindergarten teacher. With her dedication to the school and to the children, she advanced her teaching position to Assistant Director of the private school. With the combination of teaching and directing she was able to enjoy all aspects of working in the field of early education; managerial and operation duties paired with the joy of teaching was the perfect fit.

After several years, Christa took a new direction; she accepted a position as Prevention Specialist with the AZ government. In this role Christa provided prevention programs to several elementary school districts in the Phoenix metro area. Christa worked daily with teachers, students, parents, principals and superintendents to ensure quality prevention programs were delivered effectively to young students. Also in this position Christa partnered with Head Start programs where she facilitated educational programs for both employees and parents.

Now Comes a Family

Then, a life changing experience brought the Fielders back to the Midwest. They became first time parents! While initially moving back to be closer to family, it was also the perfect opportunity for Christa to jump back into the role she loved most…teaching children. Christa opened a licensed preschool/childcare in her home. Within a few weeks of opening her in-home program she was filled to her maximum capacity. She was regularly turning away families in need of childcare due to her limited space. With a growing waiting list, she realized the demand for HIGH QUALITY preschool in the area.

After 2 years of hard work…The Hiawatha Day School was born, unveiling a new approach to early childhood education. As a mother and teacher, Christa is committed to serve each family to the best of her ability.

“As a degreed teacher, I know how to teach a child…as a mother, I know how to love a child with all my heart!”
-Christa Fielder